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Technology in the World’s Greatest Sport - The World Cup

With the World Cup going on, we’ve neglected to update our blog due to our fan craze here at BBD. However, we felt this is an opportune time to educate and inform some of our followers on some of the technology being used in this cup. Specifically, goal-line technology.

What is Goal-line Technology?

Goal-line technology (GLT) is a fairly sophisticated set up comprised of several (14 to be exact) high speed cameras aimed at the goal, and triggering sensors to establish the points of travel during various conditions that may occur during a game. These cameras are split between the two goals so that there are 7 focused on each goal mouth. These 7 cameras are set at various positions around the pitch (field) so that the ball is continuously represented to the program as a 4D entity. If the ball breaks the goal-line plane at any time, a signal will be sent to the referee’s watch within 1 second of the occurrence. That’s pretty amazing.

Check out the GoalControl system more at their website here. Also, check out this video on the system.

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