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New Year’s Resolutions And How We Want To Help

Hello 2018!

So I stopped to reflect on ways I could try to "make a difference" in the coming year. I noticed all of the emails that were coming in through my inbox and noticing a trend. Most of them were notifications of how the increasing cost of living was forcing them to raise their fees and service costs. That's when it hit me. I will LOWER my costs and fees.

I have always prided myself here with Black Belt Designs that I welcome clients like family. I don't always get the "big" clients, but I try to always leave a client with a smile, content, and happy that they not only chose me, but have a new friend as well. So in order to bring in the new year, I decided to lower my costs and fees for all clients and future Black Belt family members.

What Does This Mean?

This means that I am in the process of redoing my pricing structure. ALL prices are being reduced except for third party licensing which I have no control over. This will be for support, hourly services, and consultations. In the meantime, while I go through the proposal aspects of my pricing model, I am honoring an instant 18% discount (for 2018) until I rebuild that model.

What Do YOU Get?

What do you, the client get from this? This means that if you've been wanting to establish a brand and need a great logo, now it's not only going to be awesome, but it will be cheaper too! Website woes? Do you need a new design? Maybe you need an entirely new site. Maybe you just aren't happy with your current designer or design firm. Give me a call or shoot me an email. I would love to talk to you about your concerns and/or needs. It doesn't cost anything to discus and we might walk away with a newly extended family. To top it off, you get to take advantage of the 18% off right away and I will rebuild your job once I get the pricing structure rebuilt. If the savings are more than the 18% off, I will adjust the final billing to reflect the larger savings to YOU! Who else is doing this for you? 

Why Would You Do All This?

I am doing this because I truly love what I do and I know what it's like to feel like someone is price crawling on me. I understand that it is very necessary at times. I also recognize that I am blessed to have you which allows me to do what I love. 

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