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Edit your WAMP files with Notepad++ instead of notepad

Are you using WAMP in Windows to develop locally? Chances are you hit that frustrating moment that you use the WAMP menu to open up a config file only to see it as a jumbled mess in Windows Notepad.

This is a simple fix, but one that can be frustrating if you aren’t sure where to make the changes.

I used “open with” and made Notepad++ the default to open these file types…

...So why is in not working?

Well, WAMP uses a configuration file named “wampmanager.conf”. This file is located in your root WAMP folder. (By default this would be ‘C:\wamp’)

At the very top of this file you will see a line that reads ‘editor = “notepad.exe”’

To change Notepad++ to your default editor in WAMP, you simply comment out or delete this line and replace it with your Notepad++ location like this ‘editor = “C:/Program Files (x86)/Notepad++/notepad++.exe”’.

Notice the forward slashes instead of back slashes.

That’s It!

Exit WAMP and the next time you start it up, when you click on a config file to edit it, it will open in Notepad++.

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