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Want to add some HTML5 to your site but not sure how?

Google has long been releasing tools to enrich our lives by making information more accessible. This is also the case for developers. Google has many tools that help us out too. One of their releases has been around for a while now, but has flown under the radar per se.

Welcome to Google Web Designer.

Not only is Web Designer more prevalent now with the new HTML designs coming out, but it also makes the bridge between developer and designer much smaller. Recently, Google has given Web Designer a major update that brings with it more great features. If you ever needed to build a quick HTML5 canvas idea and aren’t quite sure about the coding part of it, you should look into Web Designer. Check out this overview of the updated Google Web Designer.

Get your advertisements into a cross browser friendly format now. You can make a great looking, attractive HTML5 banner and incorporate it directly into Google’s AdWords service for advertisers. And everything can be handled from one place.

What about the average Joe?

That’s what’s great about this utility. You don’t have to be a programmer, designer, or graphic artist to create rich, interactive content for your website. While the Web Designer is great for banners and ads, you can use it for any content you wish and you don’t have to know everything about markup and HTML5 in order to achieve what you want.

Google Web Designer

Those who are familiar with coding environments will appreciate the integration of CodeMirror to alleviate the eye strain and help your markup and code stand out. With a very Photoshop-esk interface, a designer can easily adapt to the tools and layout of the interface and begin creating robust, interactive content almost immediately. Speaking of interactive, go ahead and use the animation tools to give it that edge. Now you have the ability to manage your animations easier with features like scrubbing, timelines, and keyframes. Use the 3D features to really grab your audience. While they may not be the most comprehensive set of 3D features, they are definitely a great start for this all-in-one editor.

That’s great, but I work in a team environment

Cool! Now you can use Google Drive to share your designs with the rest of your team. Take advantage of some of the more long lived products from Google like Google Drive to make using the Web Designer more pain free.

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