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Kick email spam with ExpressionEngine

Spammy email is one of the most annoying things you can run across with a website. There are tons of spiders out there crawling the web just looking for access to email addresses in order to fulfill their spam campaign needs. If you are using ExpressionEngine by @EllisLab you can stop this by using their built in encoding method for displaying email on your website.

Stay with us here because this can get a bit tricky but we feel it’s important to walk through the entire process so you will fully understand.

So how do I prevent spam bots from getting my address?

  Step 1) { encode="[email protected]

" title="Send Me Mail!" }

  Step 2) ... wait, that’s it!

Place the email address you want encoded into the encode variable and the title field can be whatever you want it to be. For an extra “yesssss” factor, you can even use your email address in the title field and the email address is still encoded even though it gets displayed. WHAT?!?

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